Your last mile solution

Precision is key. By operating in double infrastructure, we are able to get as close to your customer as fast as possible. By streamlining the delivery flow, we push costs down giving you the possibility to cut the price at checkout and leave your customer with a feeling of satisfaction from making a sustainable choice. A classic win win.


The pulsating city life

It’s a feeling of muscles being used. Lungs expanding. Inhaling and exhaling. Be a part of the pulsating city life. We believe in the energy that is created when we use our bodies. The cold, fresh air that hits your cheeks in the morning as the first delivery of the day begins. Bicycling has always been associated with strength, movement and positivism. Deliver your goods with our bikes and inflict that positivity on to your customer.

Sweden's greenest haulage
Over 1 000 000 deliveries
110 employees in 6 cities

Combining innovation with technology

Our team of developers make sure that our IT-platform does not only supply our riders with the best support, but also meets the highest standard when it comes to the customers experience.


Keeping every link of the chain alive

We look for potential and energy in every individual wearing our MOVEBYBiKE shirt. By doing so we keep every link of the chain alive, and most importantly we do not miss out on that one brilliant idea on how to optimize our work. Want to join our crew? Just follow this link.

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Do you have questions about our services? Do you want to get in contact with our sales team? Send an email to or call 040-616 06 55 and you’ll be guided to the right person.

+46 40 616 06 55

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+46 40 616 06 55

+46 40 616 06 55

+46 40 616 06 55